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Cabinet Painting in Rancho Santa Fe

Professional Cabinet Painting in Rancho Santa Fe

If you are unhappy with the way any cabinets in your home look, Extreme Painting can help you improve them with a simple solution. We can paint cabinets in kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, storage rooms or any other rooms. Our cabinet painting services are perfect for any old cabinets that look dull, faded, scratched or unsightly. Some well-built older cabinets can look new again with the right preparatory work and a fresh coat of paint. Our company has provided many satisfied Southern Californians with professional cabinet repainting services, and we welcome the opportunity to serve you.

When Does Cabinet Painting Make Sense?

When you want to improve your kitchen or another room with more attractive cabinets, the main choices are replacing, refacing and painting. Replacing makes sense when the structural components of the cabinets are damaged beyond repair or severely warped. Refacing may be useful when only the cabinet or drawer faces have considerable damage. If there are scratches, dings or other small areas of damage, repainting may be ideal. The preparatory steps and paint can conceal them. Even if the cabinets and faces are in good condition, repainting is a favorable choice when you want a new look that only paint can create.

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Understanding the Cabinet Repainting Process

The first step is making sure other surfaces in the vicinity are covered and the area is properly ventilated. Our preparatory steps involve removing cabinet doors. We inspect each one and look for imperfections like cracks or small holes. Those are patched or filled, and we may sand or remove old finish. After they are clean and smooth, we prime them before we paint them. The paint will be the specific color or finish you select, and we will verify your choice with you before applying it.

Our team will replace the doors, hinges and hardware after the paint dries. When the professional cabinet painters finish, they clean up their supplies and debris to leave the room clean and looking even better with cabinets that have an attractive new look. Our professionals have the industry’s latest tools and spraying equipment to help ensure a seamless look.

Advantages of Cabinet Repainting

Although the main advantage is greatly improving the look of your cabinets, there are several other advantages that may not be immediately apparent. These are some additional benefits of choosing to paint your cabinets.

Increases Home Value

Cabinet paint that is applied by professionals is an improvement that provides a nice home value boost. This is a great benefit even if you do not plan to sell your home. Keeping your cabinets looking nice shows that you love your home, and your guests are sure to be impressed by your customized look. If you think you may sell in the coming months or years, having attractive-looking cabinets is essential. Many buyers today focus on the kitchen, and cabinets are such a crucial element to its overall look.

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Reduces Environmental Waste

Like most people in the area, you are probably concerned about the environment and do what you can to minimize your impact. Replacing cabinets creates a lot of environmental waste. While refacing does not cause as much, it still produces more than a painting project. Our company is conscientious about our environmental impact. That policy extends to everything from the types of paints we recommend to our supply disposal procedures.

Costs Less

In comparison with refacing and replacing, painting offers an excellent cost value. With the savings you enjoy, you can spend your renovation funds on other projects you want to do. Alternately, you can treat yourself to something else you always wanted with the money you save.

Takes Less Time

Some simple painting projects can be done in a day or two. Refacing or replacing cabinets can take much longer. Every project varies based on complexity, cabinet condition and other factors. We can provide you with a customized time and cost estimate. You can rest assured that our experienced, efficient cabinet painters will not go over the budget or miss the completion deadline.

Improved Protection and Durability

If your cabinets are currently lacking finish in certain areas, have cracks or have other issues, they are more vulnerable to moisture and damage. Professional paint creates a barrier between moisture, food and even some objects to help protect your cabinets.

Fewer Interruptions

Another benefit of painting taking less time is that there are fewer interruptions to your daily schedule. Additionally, you do not have to worry about taking out all your dishes, food, towels and other items in cabinets. If you were to replace the cabinets, there would be a lot more work and planning.

Professional Cabinet Painters in Rancho Santa Fe CA

More Customization Options

When you choose to paint the cabinets, you have more creative freedom. You are not limited to a few wood finishes or manufacturer-chosen colors. Perhaps you saw a gorgeous color you love in a magazine or online. Our professional cabinet painters can replicate individual colors or entire themes. Our company also offers color consultation services to help you find or choose the right color.

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At Extreme Painting, we offer a five-year warranty on the paint our professional cabinet painters apply. Also, we back their work with a complete satisfaction guarantee. Please call us for a no-obligation cabinet painting estimate in Rancho Santa Fe CA.



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