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Interior Painting San Diego

Important Considerations for Interior Painting in San Diego

If you are thinking of repainting your interior, you probably noticed peeling paint or are just ready for a change. Whether you need it or want it, a fresh coat of paint can make you appreciate your home even more. Extreme Painting can help by doing all the hard work for you with our professional interior painting services. These are some of the top things to consider for any home painting project in San Diego CA.

Repainting Frequency

How often should a house’s walls be repainted? How long paint lasts can depend on how the paint was applied, any damage, how much moisture is usually in the air and other factors. For example, the paint in a humid bathroom or in a child’s playroom may not last as long as the paint in a storage room that is rarely used. Most experts agree that repainting interior walls every three to five years is ideal. While some paint can last even longer, the integrity of paint starts to degrade with time, from friction and from several other factors.


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Paint Type

While it is important to make sure the paint is designated for indoor use, it is also helpful to consider the type of indoor paint. You may see high-gloss, semi-gloss, satin, matte, eggshell and textured finish paint products. Each one is ideal for different purposes, and a professional can help you choose the right one for your project. For example, glossy paint is useful in bathrooms for its moisture resistance. However, it is not as helpful in living rooms or larger rooms since it does not hide small imperfections as well as eggshell or textured paints. Our team will be happy to discuss the different properties of interior paint types and their uses with you.

Color Choice

You may have heard of color psychology. If not, just know that there is science behind the power of colors. For example, green has been shown to promote learning through improving concentration, which makes it a popular color for a child’s playroom. Bright orange is energizing and can be a good color for an exercise room. However, it may be distracting in a reading room or a bedroom. There are also complementary colors that can be great for accent walls, trim or other areas. We have helped many people choose the right hues with our color consulting services. If you have an idea or just want suggestions, we will ask questions to learn about your goals and help you find the perfect color for any room.

Learn What Makes Extreme Painting Different

With choices galore, we understand how hard it is to pick a painter. We strive to offer more benefits to our customers than independent painters or other companies in the area offer. These are the key advantages that make our interior painting services superior.

Satisfaction Guarantee

If finding a company that produces results you can trust is a top priority of yours, we give you a warranty of five years on the paint we apply. We also have a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Trustworthy and Trained Tradespeople

One common concern most people in SoCal have when they hire painters is who they let in their house. We understand that you want to know who you are working with, and rest assured that we also do. This is why all our painters must pass a background check. We do not send you subcontractors. They are employees we have vetted and thoroughly trained. They learn our code of conduct, safety procedures, customer service policies and much more.

Our company carries professional liability and worker’s compensation insurance to give you peace of mind that any liability issues are our concern instead of yours. We have strict safety policies and procedures, and they extend to you and your home as well. Since we are committed to protecting the environment, we use paint products that do not contain more harmful ingredients whenever possible. Additionally, our painters make sure your home is properly ventilated at all times.

Thorough and Efficient Work

We are proud of the great work our painters do with each project. They carefully prepare the walls. Depending on the wall material, existing paint and other factors, they may scrape, sand and patch areas as needed. Preparation often involves covering or moving furniture, and it includes taping around trim, windows or fixtures.

After the walls are clean and everything is covered, they prime and paint using the right methods and the latest equipment that produces uniform results. Because they have access to the right tools and are trained well, they finish jobs before the deadline and without going over the predetermined budget. Rest assured that they never sacrifice quality. Once the painting is done, they unwrap and uncover items, clean up debris and make sure your home looks even better than it did when they arrived.

Request Your Customized Interior Painting Estimate in San Diego CA

There are several factors that affect an estimate. The number of rooms, the sizes of those room, the type of paint and other issues are considered. We offer competitive prices for professional interior painting. Our company also strives to accommodate your scheduling needs if possible. To receive a free estimate or get answers to your questions about our interior painting services in San Diego CA, please call us.



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