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Why Are Kitchen Cabinet Painting Quotes So Different Between San Diego Contractors? As the pro interior painters at Extreme Painting.
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Why Are Kitchen Cabinet Painting Quotes So Different Between San Diego Contractors?

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Why Are Kitchen Cabinet Painting Quotes So Different Between San Diego Contractors?

Getting quotes for kitchen cabinet painting doesn’t have to cause you stress, but when you ask five or six contractors for a quote, they give you five or six very different estimates. This must be the reason that you are wondering, “Why are the quotes I receive so different from each other?”

The fact is that the old saying was correct. It says, “You get what you pay for.” This means that, if you want cabinet painters with the experience and knowledge of proper painting techniques, you must be willing to pay the highest rates. Although this is generally true, it can’t be said that, if a contractor quotes you a low price, they will always do inferior work. However, in most cases, it will mean exactly that.

At Extreme Painting in San Diego CA, we will provide you with an estimate for free. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed, and we will give you a 5-year warranty. To make sure that we protect you as well as our inside house painters, we maintain a general liability insurance policy as well as Workers’ Compensation insurance. These insurance policies are the reason that we have to have higher estimates than contractors without these policies, but they can give you peace of mind when you have people working in your home.

Insurance is one reason that quotes are so different between San Diego CA contractors, but there are other reasons as well. These reasons include the following:

Low-Quality and High-Quality Supplies

The quality of supplies is not always equal. Some contractors purchase supplies of low quality so that they can make it appear as if they aren’t charging you a lot of money. When a contractor offers a low quote for this reason, they expect you to buy the supplies. Professional contractors work with suppliers who don’t charge retail prices for the things a contractor purchases. Non-professional contractors don’t have relationships with suppliers, so they cannot do this, and you do not have these relationships either. So, you will pay the full price for supplies. Because this is the case, you will pay much more than the low price your contractor quoted, so it doesn’t actually lower your costs.

Low-Quality Contractors and High-Quality Contractors

Some contractors take the opportunity to charge as much as they possibly can. If anyone asks you for a large deposit, you will know that this contractor is of the low-quality type. All that you need to do to find out which contractors are high quality and which are low quality is to have a conversation with them. The low-quality contractor will have a different answer every time you ask a question, and they will not be able to tell you how they determine what their prices will be. Some will be unable to answer these questions at all.

At Extreme Painting in San Diego CA, we will make sure to explain all of our costs and our processes before we start the work and all throughout the time we are working. We want to ensure that everything goes well and that you enjoy the experience completely.

The Amount that Labor Costs

Labor costs depend on the length of time it takes to complete the job and whether the job is large or small. Generally, contractors use man-hours to determine their labor costs. In most cases, contractors use man-hours to determine how much they charge for supplies and the cost of the crew. If you are unsure of how a contractor determines labor costs, all you need to do is ask.

The Importance of a Warranty

Cabinet painting requires experienced painters with product knowledge and a warranty. A warranty is essential because we are telling you that we will stand by the work we have done. We give you a 100% satisfaction guarantee, and if you are not satisfied, we will do whatever we can to make it right. You have a 5-year warranty as assurance of this fact.

If you would like us to be your cabinet painters, please fill out our contact form. We will call you as soon as we can. You may also leave us an email message or call us. We are waiting to hear from you!